About Youth Activities

At the Healthy Living Centre we recognise youth today are struggling in ways we have not seen in the past. There is also an absence of a youth-driven space where the youth can engage in a positive and healthy way and a place where they can feel respected, nurtured and empowered.

We help to empower young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. We do this by supporting children, and youth organisations and funders to produce, use and share high-quality evidence, so that together we can make better decisions to improve how interventions are funded and delivered.

Youth Centered Approach

We aim to ensure that the Healthy Living Centre is a safe place where the youth can make decisions with each other and safely express themselves. Young people have a right to participate in all decisions that affect them. We believe young people are our partners, whether they are volunteers, students or staff members. To guarantee our youth programme is strong and effective we embrace young people as key agents for change, advocacy and research

A creative approach naturally lends itself to all forms of participation and consultation activity with young people. We establish a supported yet challenging creative environment through which young people can develop confidence in their own ideas, communication skills, team working and leadership skills.


The Youth Service offers the delivery of open access youth work to young people but we are increasingly focusing on targeted youth work with young people with additional needs. This brings opportunities for developing innovative ways of working and also great challenges which are embraced by all the Youth Service staff team.

For young people, evidence offers information about what they are doing well and what could be improved, allowing them to develop and refine their projects. For funders and commissioners it helps them to assess their investments, and identify and direct money towards the most promising interventions. All of this comes together to form an Evidence Hub: a dynamic community where each part contributes to – and gains from – the whole.

We hope that the Healthy Living Centre is a great facility for the young in our community. We exist to support the development of young people, offering opportunities to gain, increase and develop skills, self awareness and confidence enabling them to make positive life choices.

For more information about the Youth activities, including our activity times please see our Activities timetable or  contact us!