Lend Us Your Time!

Volunteering is a rewarding experience for both the volunteer and the organisation and The Healthy Living Centre welcomes volunteers from all areas of the community.  Volunteers can benefit from this experience as it allows them to develop capacities, skills and confidence which may, in turn, help them in their daily personal and professional lives.  It also allows people to give back to or get involved with their community.

Volunteering at The Healthy Living Centre CIC can help the organisation in better understanding the diversity of the community we serve and will forge an environment of mutual reliance and co-operation of benefit to all.

We strongly encourage all interested parties to volunteer.  Everyone will be considered fairly in line with our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy as we believe in combating discrimination and valorising difference.

We currently have the following volunteer opportunities:




Anyone wishing to volunteer at The Healthy Living Centre CIC is requested to complete the Expression of Interest form and pop it into the Centre.
Click here to contact us for further details! Thank you for your interest!