Women's Health Class

Moving to a foreign country is an exciting, yet daunting, prospect. You are keen to get to know your new community, but with basic language skills, everyday tasks can be a challenge.

This was the experience of Sobia. She had recently moved to Aylesbury from Pakistan when a friend told her about a ‘Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ course. The course was being run at The Healthy Living Centre in Aylesbury and the two friends decided to sign up.

Friendly and Informative Health Classes
The ‘Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ course is a 13-week programme and Sobia was keen to attend every session. She said that the tutor was friendly, welcoming and informative. Another helpful member of the Healthy Living Centre team was Nadia, as she provided translation services. This meant that the course content was clearly understood and questions could be asked.

As well as translating during the course, Nadia made a point of calling Sobia and the other attendees each week. She checked that they were enjoying the course and asked for an update on the changes they had made to benefit their health. This weekly call helped the women to feel welcome, supported and encouraged them to put the learning into action.

Making Changes and Making Friends
“We learnt about a range of health issues, including the importance of exercise, making healthy choices when shopping and undertaking regular checks for breast cancer” Sobia informed me. She was able to immediately made small changes and explained, “I now buy wholemeal instead of white bread and use less salt in cooking”. In terms of exercise, she was now doing step exercises on the stairs at home.

In addition to learning about Women’s Health, Sobia said “The course gave me the opportunity to meet new friends. We would sit and chat in the café after the class had finished” and she confirmed, “Yes, I still see them on a regular basis”. She feels that she has also gained confidence from attending the course and has learnt a few more English words and phrases (which she used during our conversation).

Moving Forward
Sobia has now completed the course, so I asked her, “What would you like to do next?” She replied, “I would like to join one of the exercise classes at The Healthy Living Centre”. She was also interested in finding out more about English classes.
I asked Sobia if she would recommend the ‘Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ course to others and she nodded and smiled with sincerity. She commented, “You learn easy ways to live a healthier lifestyle and there are many other benefits to attending”.

The Healthy Living Centre team are delighted that we were able to provide Sobia with such a positive experience at the start of her new life in Aylesbury. We hope to see her and her friends in other classes.

If you would like to find out more about the next ‘Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ course, please contact Amy: abass@healthylivingcentre.com